Some Tips To Help You Win At Tennis

A Power Baseliner is a tennis player who prefers to play the base from the baseline than the net. This type of player is the most common sight in a professional game.

You can beat someone who tends to play from the baseline. The trick is to understand some simple tips. A professional player does not expect you to know these tricks. If you follow the tips correctly during your game, you can beat your opponent at his or her own game.

Make sure the other player has to hit a number of balls throughout the match. By constantly running around to return the ball you have just hit, you will quickly tire your opponent.

Watch your own shots. If you hit the ball short, the ball will be returned to you faster. By hitting the balls deep, you give yourself proper time to get back to the center of the court in preparation for the next volley.

Usually, Power Baseliners have a comfort zone. Study the player on the court and determine the height at which the tennis player is most comfortable swinging his or her racket. When you hit the ball, make sure the ball goes out of his or her comfort zone.

Hit many short shots so that the Power Baseliner is forced to move up to the net regularly. Try to keep the shots low so that your opponent has to struggle to get the ball back over the net. This pulls the other player out of his or her comfort zone and changes the dynamics of the game.

Vary your ball speed and spin. Keep your opponent guessing on what he will be chasing with the next volley. If he or she cannot predict your power and timing, the player is far more likely to blow the game.

Do not watch your opponent during the game. Instead, keep your focus on the aim of the ball. Use the angle of the ball to draw your Power Baseline adoring opponent out of his or her zone.

Try to hit low shots that come in near your opponent's feet. Odds are high that he or she will fail to get the ball back over the net. A Power Baseline player wants balls that are high and long.

Use a top spin to ensure your balls go high and then drop in barely after passing the net. This will not be what your opponent wants or is used to.

If you move forward and return the ball before your opponent expects it, you will disrupt his or her plan of attack.

Beating a Power Baseline player at his or her own game is the key to winning. Remember that they want the ball to be high and deep. Keep them from their ultimate plan by mixing things up a little, and you are guaranteed a win.


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