Some Of The Basics You Should Know To Coach Tennis

Tennis is a very unique game and has its own personality. It is certainly a more individualized sport and one that requires great strength, durability, and grace all combined into one. First, before you make a solid commitment to either play or coach tennis there are some things that you should know first. Many who may not even be attracted to the game of tennis itself are still intrigued by the history of it. Tennis or at least versions of tennis can be traced back to ancient Greek civilizations. Many of those cultures enjoyed the sport for literally centuries. Of course, it is unlikely that they called it tennis as that was not dubbed until 1874 which is also when it became a common game worldwide. First the French tool a liking to it, then the people from Portugal, then England, and from there it flourished.

The game of tennis is played in what is called a "court." The dimensions of this court are standard 78x27. Normally a tennis court is made of a claylike or concrete playing area that is required for the game to be played correctly. The court is literally divided in half by a net and one player is on each side of the net. Each player holds what is called a racquet and this is what they will hit the ball with. So one player serves the ball by throwing it into the air and whacking it with the racquet, it will then go over the net into the opponent's playing field, bounce once and the player will then hit it back. This continues but the object is to get the opponent to miss the ball. If a player is unable to get the ball successfully to the other side of the court, the other player gains points. Other ways of getting points in tennis is when the ball bounces more than once or if the ball goes out of bounds. One tennis match usually consists of five smaller matches and all of the points are then added together.

Scoring is different in tennis than in most other games because points are not counted as individual points but rather fifteen is the first game point , thirty is the second game point, forty is the third game point and from there one more point is needed to claim victory to the game. In essence you will see that it would appear that the game of tennis would therefore consist of only four points. Tennis also has some unusual terminology related with it that is very different from other games. One popular term is called "love" and this term means that there is a score of zero. If you hear someone say the score was fifteen/love then you would know that the server has fifteen and the opponent has a score of zero. When a player or a team wins six games, it is said that a set is won. However, the winner(s) must have won at least two more games than the opponent has won.


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